Ray 2

RAy2: Extra features

  • Freedom of choice for any application:
  • 1 optical and 1 metallic port configurable as 2 user ports, or 1 user and 1 management
  • variable powering: PoE, DC (20 – 60 V)
  • USB for management via ETH/USB adapter, FW upgrade from flash disc
  • IPTV optimized modem, MTU 10240 B
  • HW reset button for factory and customers settings


Long range and spectrum efficiency

  • High radio receiver robustness to unwanted interference
  • exceptional guaranteed sensitivity allows to:
  • Availability of operating high order modulations on narrow channels (from 1.75 MHz) permits to:
    • build high speed links when only narrow channels available
    • multiplying the number of high speed links on a busy sites
    • cost savings on licence fees
    • high-availability links design


Cost saving solution

  • Low power consumption and easy installation
  • FOD, no indoor space needed
  • Low storage and logistics costs
    • whole band covered just by two subbands (RAy 11 GHz)
    • universal L/U unit, (17, 24 GHz)




Data speed & throughput

  • Modulation rate up to 360 Mbps
  • SW selectable modulation: QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM
  • Hitless ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) working without data loss
  • ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) increases reliability of the link under hostile conditions



  • FOD (Full Outdoor), aluminium casing, direct mounting to the parabolic antenna
  • Change of signal polarization simply by 90° rotation (4 fixing screws)
  • Installation and setup tasks can be done in minutes
  • Direct unit mounting to the antennas from various producers. Flexible waveguide as a general-purpose option. Same antennas both for RAy and RAy2.




Security and Integrity

  • Configuration via HTTPS, SSH
  • Peer station can be paired and permanently monitored to prevent unauthorized station exchange
  • Theft protection: unique SSH key for each serial number



  • Compliance with all relevant international standards
  • Key parameters measured and confirmed by certified laboratory